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Welcome to KM Dance Arts in Citrus Heights, Ca

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KM Dance Arts Studio is known throughout the region for our quality instruction and dedication to the art of dance. We have been in business for over 20 years! The goal of our team of well-qualified, enthusiastic instructors is to teach each student excellence and precision in technique within a positive, encouraging environment. Whether you like to dance for fun or are passionate about a career in the dance world KM offers classes to help you learn, grow, and LOVE dance.We offer a wide variety of classes for everyone – from the preschooler to the serious, pre-professional performer. Our schedule includes a full repertoire of core dance classes in tap, jazz and ballet, as well as specialty classes such as lyrical, hip hop, stretch and tone, contemporary and theatre dance. Evening adult classes are available too!At KM, dance isn’t only a workout for the mind and a creative outlet for the soul, it also helps build confidence, coordination and poise. Proper dance instruction produces a stronger dancer and reduces the risk of injury. Even though our students have a great time here at KM, you can be confident that the instruction they receive is always based on our award-winning attention to detail and technique.
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Core Classes





Ballet is the base form of dance for any aspiring dancer. The ballet program offered by KM Dance Arts is a fusion of French and Russian styles. The French style of ballet provides the dancer with a strong technical foundation—a foundation which will also benefit the dancer in other disciplines of dance. The Russian/Vaganova style is known not only for its technical beauty but the exquisite expressions and body lines of the dancers. Dancers will learn positions and placement specific to each style, thereby gaining a well-rounded understanding of and appreciation for classical ballet.

Citrus Heights Dance - Nicole At The Spotlight Dance Competition

Nicole At The Spotlight Dance Competition

Elaina, Nicole, and Jayden at our 2013 June recital

Elaina, Nicole, and Jayden at our 2013 June recital





Jazz Dance is a core class which explores a variety of jazz dance techniques focusing on the development of coordination, flexibility, balance, strength, correct body alignment and rhythmic perception. Dance combinations are performed to demonstrate technical ability at all skill levels.

In the more advanced classes dancers will begin to explore dance improvisation. Improvisation creates the language of our art form. Composition is what makes the language understood, and is encouraged whether or not the dancer intends on being a choreographer or not. Understanding the challenges and complexities of creating movement phrases and successfully communicating those ideas is indispensable to the professional dancer.





Tap is a core class which explores a variety of tap dance styles. Emphasis is on the development of balance, ankle articulation, timing and clarity of sound in the performance of basic tap vocabulary. Rhythm studies include musical phrasing, dynamics, body placement, and improvisation.Tap is an essential class for dancers that would like to perform in musical theater. Tap will give students a better understanding of rhythm and timing. The skills mastered in tap will translate into other core styles of dance.

Km Dance Arts Tap

Km Dance Arts Tap